Welcome to Siam Square - Thai restaurant
With our desire to bring our family recipe to create authentic Thai dish to people in Ann Arbor area, we opened our family-own restaurant Siam Square in 1996. As you might know, Siam Square is the location in the central of Bangkok and is one of the most important areas in the country which represent the unique feeling of Thailand to the visitors. We want you to feel the same way, like you enjoy the food in the heart of Bangkok when you are at our restaurant.

My family usually told me that the best Thai food will come from four best things; the best ingredients, the best seasoned chef, the best service and the best attitude to cook the best food to customer. We will never stop to improve and bring authentic Thai food and the best service as our thanks to our customer. In addition to our authentic Thai menu, our restaurant has decorated with original wood carving from Thailand so that our customers will enjoy both the food and atmosphere of Thailand in our place (see picture below).